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Unit are one of Object Editor categories used for editing unit..

From icon, pathing,sound,abilities,combat sound,health point, mana point, and many more..

first we have to know is the icon..

  • Icon

what the unit icon will be..

there will be provided some icon that we can choose as we want..

or you can import pictures from your hard drive..

and then we must set the combat..

  • Combat
  1. starts from the damage of attack choose from 1 until unlimited submitted by a playing of dice chance.. for example : 2 - 8, 3 - 6
  2. after the attack counted, there will be the range of attack such as melee , and ranged.. melee range will be 100 as usual but we can choose the range by self if we choose ranged one for example : melee - 100 or ranged - 500
  3. go to the

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