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What are Variables?

Variables are location on memories that can hold values

Variables play an important role in scripting because they enable programers to write flexible programs

You can store almost any kinds of data inside a variable

Inside the Trigger Editor, you can click on Edit Variables and load the variable editor.
Here you can add any type of variable you will need for your map.
All variables have a type, a name, and a value.

  • Use variable names that mean something. Single-letter variables are just hunky-dory. But index is better than i, count is better than c, and name is better than n. Short, descriptive variable names are best.
  • You should not begin a variable name with a number. They can contain numbers, but you begin it with a letter.
  • You may use underscores in a variable name, but not spaces. Using underscores is fine, though it's not recommended to begin a variable name with an underline.
  • Don't give names that are too similar to your variables.

After finishing edit the variable you can use it as possible on your trigger.

for example :

  1. Unit Type Of(Your Variable)
  2. Item Type Of(Your Variable)

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